12 Aperol Cocktails for a Glowing Happy Hour

12 Aperol Cocktails for a Glowing Happy Hour

When the warm weather hits, so do daydreams of Aperol cocktails to sip throughout the spring and summer. This sweet then bitter orange amaro is one you’ll find in many cocktails, from the well-loved, low-alcohol spritz to boozy tiki drinks. Aperol is considered by many to be the slightly sweeter cousin to Campari. And while these drink recipes will quench your thirst on a sweltering day, all are equally welcome on a chilly winter night, to transport you to an afternoon under the Italian sun.

Once you’ve developed a taste for Aperol cocktails, consider the wide array of other Italian amaros to swap in and out as you please. The reliable Aperol Mist would dazzle with the more complex Cappelletti amaro. Or the Aperol-Grapefruit Spritz which would go down just as easily with Averna and orange juice. But for now: Here are our 12 favorite Aperol cocktails.

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