23 Chocolate Cake Recipes Worth a Second Slice

23 Chocolate Cake Recipes Worth a Second Slice

There’s something special about a homemade chocolate cake. Sure, cardboard-encased supermarket sheet cakes have their nostalgia, and bakery cakes with their intricate piping are beautiful. But do they perfume your home with the aroma of cocoa and butter? Do they let you sneak swoops of icing while you’re waiting for the cake to chill on the cooling rack? Do they elicit the same oohs and aahs (and sense of self-satisfaction) when you carry it out to your guests? Not quite.

Not to pick favorites, but this Sticky Chocolate Cake by deputy food editor Hana Asbrink is our favorite chocolate cake recipe right now. Inspired by the Swedish dessert kladdkaka, it’s got a gooey, molten chocolate center with a crackly brownie-esque top. It’s absurdly easy and begging to be shared—just as appropriate for a kids’ sleepover as it is for a Valentine’s Day date-night.

That’s not the only chocolate cake we’re here to rave about though. From buttercream-lathered sheet cakes made for elementary school birthday parties, to dinner-party-worthy towering layers, we’ve got a chocolate cake recipe for every age and every occasion. Set out some butter at room temperature, and get baking—there’s plenty to choose from.

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