23 Super Bowl Drinks for Watching (or Not Watching) the Game

23 Super Bowl Drinks for Watching (or Not Watching) the Game

Maybe you have your jersey at the ready, have been perfecting your Buffalo wings for months, and made bank in your fantasy football league. Or maybe you’re not a full-on enthusiast but are peer-pressured into watching The Big Game anyway. Either way, a steady stream of Super Bowl drinks will make the whole thing more enjoyable. Do not sweat a single drop (leave that to the padded folk tossing the ball) about what to sip on—even for spectators who are not an authority on, football, was it? You can still be the MVP with these 23 punches, cocktails, and some nonalcoholic beverages too.

While allegedly a beer-fueled event, the possibilities do not stop there: Spike your cocktails with Gatorade, a verified Sporty Spice beverage coveted by athletes both current and aspiring, for a subtly salty (electrolytes!), refreshing jolt that will make you feel spiritually on the field. If you’re with a squad of cheerleaders, big-batch cocktails—like a giant glass bowl of lychee punch—will keep the tailgate tailgating. And for underage children and adults who don’t imbibe, a pineapple-lime soda hits the spot. This is true whether you’re a Super Bowl stan or not. Go, uh, team!

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