25 Kids’ Meals for Busy Parents

25 Kids’ Meals for Busy Parents

Perhaps you are a parent who needs an extra set of hands getting dinner on the table. Or maybe your kid loves to help out in the kitchen (read: pilfer carrots off the cutting board). Whatever the motivation, every caregiver could use an arsenal of kids’ meals. You know: the weeknight dinner ideas you turn to again and again because they’re easy enough for the littles to help with, speedy enough to prevent a hanger tantrum, and delicious enough for the whole family to enjoy.

We’ve got tacos with spiced ground beef and all your favorite toppings. Pav bhaji with squishy potato rolls and enough butter to make you swoon. Comforting macaroni and cheese that just needs a speedy salad on the side. Fun-to-fold pork dumplings that are almost as quick as ordering takeout. Picky-eater-approved sloppy joes that make for great leftovers. Vegan meatloaf that’s slathered in upgraded ketchup. Crispy tofu nuggets that rival frozen chicken nuggets (really). Pepperoni pizza with a gluten-free base option. Bouncy zucchini fritters that shine in school lunchboxes—and more.

From healthy meals to comfort foods, these 25 family-friendly dinner recipes are all about quality time in the kitchen.

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