39 Peanut Butter Recipes Even Better Than a Spoonful From the Jar

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Sure, you could put that jar of peanut butter toward a PB&J. But peanut butter’s talents branch beyond soft bread and shiny jelly. You could turn peanut butter into weeknight noodles, adorned with cucumber wheels and glossed with chili oil. You could turn peanut butter into braised chicken and greens, waiting to be spooned over fluffy rice. You could turn peanut butter into the most popular cereal treats at the bake sale.

These 39 recipes show the range of this pantry staple. And if you’re wondering what the best brand is, we’ve got you covered. Check out our peanut butter taste test, then U-turn back here to find a great way to use your jar. Just keep in mind that some dishes (like these blondies) call for smooth or sweetened peanut butter, while others (like these granola bars) call for natural unsweetened; they act differently in recipes, so avoid swapping if you can.

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