43 Valentine’s Dinners You’ll Love

43 Valentine's Dinners You'll Love

You’ve got the perfect gift. The most lush-looking chocolate dessert recipe has been bookmarked on your phone for weeks. But the main portion of your Valentine’s dinner? You haven’t found the one—meaning the right recipe—yet.

We’re here to help. Is your ideal romantic meal something lavish or are you on more of the comfort food beat? Either way, you’ll find something for your Valentine’s Day menu among the recipes below. Some are portioned for couples; others are larger mains for a family affair; and there are plenty of delicious things for people who are taking the special occasion to celebrate themselves. Whether you’re boo’d up or flying solo with a heart full of love and hands full of buttery Valentine’s cookies, our best Valentine’s meals will fill you with that tingly feeling. (We’re talking about hunger. Wait—what did you think we meant?)

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