47 Fennel Recipes for Shaving, Roasting, and Then Some

47 Fennel Recipes for Shaving, Roasting, and Then Some

Most fennel recipes call for fennel bulbs, but you know what? Fennel fronds—that frilly green mohawk that looks like dill—are just as flavorful. Think of it as a two-for-one deal from nature. This funky-looking veg with a subtle licorice flavor originated on the shores of the Mediterranean. And if you’re wondering how to use it, we have answers. Lots of them.

When eaten raw, fresh fennel has a crunchy, celery-like texture. We have shaved fennel salads for days, like this one with croutons and walnuts, and this one with ripe peaches and dried chiles (both stellar side dishes). When drizzled with olive oil and roasted or sautéed, cooked fennel gets sweet and caramelized like onions. Case in point: this anchovy-boosted fennel pasta or this vinaigrette-doused roasted vegetables. And using fennel fronds is a no-brainer: Add the fronds to pesto, sprinkle them over hot-smoked salmon, or use to garnish your favorite dessert (yep, you read that right).

The truth is there are countless ways to love fennel. Here are 47 of our favorites.

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