49 Dip Recipes That Are a Total Slam Dunk

49 Dip Recipes That Are a Total Slam Dunk

No one is going to jump up and down over a plate of raw veggies. Add a dip, though, and you get not just an appetizer, but a party. Maybe a birthday party, or a Super Bowl party, or an it’s-finally-Friday party. Fun! Invite us! The only question is, which dip recipe is right for you? It all depends on your horoscope—er, your dipper of choice.

If you’ve got crackers, like Triscuits or Ritz, look no further than our four-ingredient giardiniera dip or grandma-approved pimento cheese. If you’ve got potato chips, check out this clam dip or French onion dip. If you have cucumbers and carrots, this preserved lemon dressing or homemade labneh is just the thing. If you have pita chips, we have hummus for days, whether it’s classic, dyed pink with beets, or topped with merguez-spiced tempeh. And if you have tortilla chips, try some queso fundido or guacamole.

Whatever you’re dipping, and whatever you’re dipping it in, just make sure to do it responsibly. Double-dipping is a private affair.

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