6 Food Subscriptions That Make Amazing Gifts

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The thing about gift-giving season is that it’s easy for something to get lost in the shuffle, because people are getting so many gifts all at once. Enter the food subscription gift, which is, in our opinion, the best kind of gift to give and receive. Giving a subscription box ensures that your present will stand out from the pile of stocking stuffers and white elephant gifts, because they won’t just receive it during the holiday season: it will keep on giving, no additional effort on your part required.

There are dozens of great subscription boxes on the market; you can get recurring meal kits wine, beer, and even hot sauce delivered to your loved ones on a regular basis. While all of these can be useful in different scenarios, some food subscription boxes simply make better gifts than others. Read on to learn more about the best subscription box gifts, ones that our editors have actually given—and would be very excited to see on our own doorsteps month after month.

For the sourdough obsessive: Wildgrain

Give this sourdough subscription box to the person in your life who lines up at five o’clock in the morning to score the latest drop from their local artisan bakery, or the one who has a years-old sourdough starter that sometimes sits dormant in their fridge for months at a time. Each Wildgrain box comes with a combination of sourdough breads, dessert-y things like cinnamon buns and ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies, handmade pasta, and croissants. Everything can go from freezer to table in around 20 minutes, which makes this perfect for people who are busy, but only like freshly-baked bread.

For the spirit-free cocktail lover: Curious Elixirs Cocktail of the Month Club

The BA editorial team is a big fan of spirit-free cocktails, but we are frankly tired of ones that taste like carbonated juice—your friends who like fun drinks without the boozy buzz probably feel that way, too. Curious Elixirs makes some of the best, most complex canned and bottled mocktails we’ve ever tasted, and their Cocktail of the Month Club is a great way to try their constantly changing roster of beverages. All of their drinks contain no refined sugar, and are made from all organic ingredients.

Curious Cocktail Club Monthly Variety Pack

For the pasta nerds: Sfgolini Pasta of the Month Club

Pasta is timeless, but it’s also extremely trendy right now, and if you know someone who has been deep down the #pastatok rabbit hole, they’ll appreciate a subscription to Sfoglini’s Pasta of the Month Club. Each month, they’ll get two different boxes of pasta in unique shapes, made with heritage grains, delivered in quarterly shipments. Chose from half-year or full-year subscriptions, then reap the rewards when you go over to their place for dinner.

For the one who’s always trying to eat more fruit: Harry & David Fruit of the Month Club

Especially during the colder months, grocery store fruit options can get kind of sad. If you know someone who gets their thrills from a flawless sumo citrus or pairing a perfectly-ripe apple with an assertive cheese, you can’t go wrong with one of Harry & David’s Fruit of the Month Clubs. The best part? There are ten different fruit subscription options, so you can pick the one that’s just right for your giftee. If you’re thinking about giving one to us, we’d like the Royal Riviera Pears and Cheese subscription, please.

Harry & David Fruit of the Month Club

For the coffee connoisseur: Atlas Coffee Club

People who are really into coffee usually get very excited about trying new beans and blends. If you know someone who waxes poetic about the difference between washed versus natural coffee and has enough specialty coffee equipment to open their own cafe, get them a subscription to the Atlas Coffee Club. Atlas sources coffee from all over the world, and you can customize the subscription so they get the right amount and type of coffee that will work best for their routine.

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

For the cheese lover: Murray’s Cheese Club

Unless your loved one is lactose-intolerant, there’s a pretty good chance they will shriek and do a little dance when they realize you got them a Murray’s Cheese subscription. Perfect for people who love to host (or who got really into the girl dinner trend), these subscriptions come with a carefully curated selection of cheese from around the world, and some even include crackers, jams, and other accouterments that can help turn a block of cheese into a legitimate meal. There’s even a monthly mac and cheese club, which we will definitely be gifting…to ourselves.

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