After allegations of racism, Washington Post removes anti-Hamas cartoon

The website of the well-known American newspaper The Washington Post removed a cartoon of a Hamas official who uses children as human shields and says, “How dare Israel attack civilians!” 

The removal of the cartoon was made because of claims that the cartoon was racist.

In the Washington Post‘s physical newspaper, however, the cartoon was published as planned. 

The cartoon shows the Hamas terrorist who “protects” himself with four children and a wife, while in his hypocrisy, he is furious at Israel for attacking civilians.

The photo, which was shared by Israel’s Twitter account, can be seen below:

Motive behind the cartoon’s removal

“However, the responses I received convinced me that I missed something significant and I regret it. Our section is interested in finding a common denominator that will connect us even in difficult times and therefore we have removed the cartoon. We will continue to present a variety of opinions in our section.”

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