American Jewish groups condemn US abstention of UNSC vote

The Republican Jewish Coalition and the Zionist Organization of America both issued statements condemning the Biden administration’s abstention on the United Nations Security Council resolution, calling it a “new level of betrayal” and “disgraceful.”

In a statement, ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said it’s disgraceful that the Biden administration refused to veto the resolution. Klein accused the Biden administration of ignoring its own prior warnings that UNSC resolutions could hurt negotiations to halt hostilities and release hostages.

“The Biden administration’s failure to veto the resolution enabled this anti-Israel/antisemitic resolution to pass. Calling for an ‘immediate ceasefire’ enables Hamas’ terror army to survive, regroup, and rebuild its ability to attack innocent Israelis again and again and again,” Klein said. 

Klein said the resolution did not condition its call for a ceasefire on the release of all hostages and that Hamas would “of course” ignore the call to release or allow access to the hostages. Klein also noted the resolution failed to condemn Hamas – which is why the US said it abstained from the vote. 

Only Israel is bound by the resolution, not Hamas

“Thus, the resolution in effect only provides ammunition against the Jewish State of Israel,” Klein said. “But according to the UN – and the Biden administration, which enabled the UN’s duplicitous double standards – when terrorists attack Jews or Israel, the terrorists should be helped and defended instead of combatted by all means! This double standard has a name. It’s called antisemitism!”

PROTESTERS MARCH past the US Capitol Building in Washington last week, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. (credit: REUTERS/LEAH MILLIS)

In a statement, RJC CEO Matt Brooks said Biden must be “called out for his ineffectual UN diplomacy” before it does any more damage to Israel’s security and Israel’s relationship with the US. 

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