Ancient warfare meets modern tech: 7,000-year-old sling stones unveiled in Singapore

An exhibition in Singapore unveiled three 7,000-year-old sling stones, bridging ancient warfare techniques with modern defense technology and showcasing the evolution of military strategies. Discovered in Israel, these artifacts provide insight into the ingenuity of ancient combat, highlighting a time when precision and aerodynamics were already integral to warfare.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. and the Antiquities Authority have recently displayed a fusion of ancient warfare and modern technology through the portrayal of three 7,000-year-old sling stones. Discovered at En Esur and En Zippori in Israel, these artifacts highlight the sophistication of early combat strategies and connect the dots between the dawn of warfare and today’s advanced defense mechanisms.

7,000-year-old sling stones discovered in Israel. (credit: EMIL ALADJEM/ISRAEL ANTIQUITIES AUTHORITY)

Exhibition tells the story of military tech evolution

Featured at the prestigious Singapore Airshow under the banner “Innovation Across Time,” the exhibition exemplifies the “evolution of military technology,” according to Israel’s Antiquities Authority. According to a Facebook post promoting the exhibition, “The sling stones, crafted with precision from hard limestone for aerodynamic efficiency, demonstrate an early systematic approach to armament production, evidencing some of the first organized warfare practices in the Levant.”

A key aspect of the collaboration between Rafael and the Antiquities Authority is the detailed 3D scanning and simulation of one of the sling stones, undertaken in Rafael’s laboratories. This process produced a digital 3D model, allowing for in-depth aerodynamic and impact analysis. These simulations confirmed the sling stone’s flight stability and lethal capability, showcasing the technological ingenuity of ancient civilizations. 

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