Biden threatens veto of US House’s standalone Israel aid bill

US President Joe Biden’s administration said on Monday he would veto a standalone bill backed by House of Representatives Republicans that would provide aid to Israel, as it backs a broader bill providing assistance to Ukraine and Israel and providing new funds for border security.

“The Administration strongly encourages both chambers of the Congress to reject this political ploy and instead quickly send the bipartisan Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act to the President’s desk,” the Office of Management and Budget said in a statement.

Officials from the Democratic president’s administration have been working for months with Senate Democrats and Republicans on legislation unveiled on Sunday combining billions of dollars in emergency aid for Ukraine, Israel and partners in the Indo-Pacific region, with an overhaul of US immigration policy.

The $118 billion spending measure also would provide humanitarian assistance to civilians affected by global conflicts.

Biden administration calls the bill a ‘ploy’

“The Administration strongly opposes this ploy which does nothing to secure the border, does nothing to help the people of Ukraine defend themselves against Putin’s aggression, fails to support the security of American synagogues, mosques, and vulnerable places of worship, and denies humanitarian assistance to Palestinian civilians, the majority of whom are women and children,” the statement said.

Members of the 118th Congress raise their right hands as they are sworn into office to serve in the US House of Representatives on the fourth day of Congress at the US Capitol in Washington, US, January 7, 2023. (credit: REUTERS/JON CHERRY)

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson announced on Saturday that the House would reject the bipartisan Senate bill, and instead vote this week on a measure providing aid only to Israel.

Trump has made security at the border with Mexico a major talking point in his campaigning against Biden ahead of the November election.

The Republican-majority House passed an Israel-only bill in November, but it was never taken up in the Democratic-led Senate, as negotiators worked on Biden’s request for Congress to approve a broader emergency security package.

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