Biden won 2020 election, Republican fake electors admit in settlement

Republican fake electors have declared that Joe Biden won the US Presidency legitimately and have further agreed to not participate in the 2024  electoral college as part of a settlement agreement reached on Wednesday, the Washington Post reported.

It was reported that this declaration is the first formal acknowledgment that fake electors publicly admitted wrongdoing in a legal case. 

“We oppose any attempt to undermine the public’s faith in the ultimate results of the 2020 presidential election,” they said in a statement included in the settlement. “We hereby withdraw the documents we executed on Dec. 14, 2020, and request that they be disregarded by the public and all entities to which they were submitted.”

“The Wisconsin electors were tricked and misled into participating in what became the alternate elector scheme and would have never taken any actions had we known that there were ulterior reasons beyond preserving an ongoing legal strategy,” former Chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party Andrew Hitt said.

The case, which was filed by two Biden electors in 2022, sought $200,000 per elector in damages as a consequence of the fake electors’ actions. The plaintiffs also asked that the courts bar the fake electors from ever serving as presidential electors again.

THE WIDOW of a Capitol Police officer cries at a congressional hearing this past June probing the Jan. 6 riots, in Washington. The book addresses the painful journey of widowhood. (credit: Elizabeth Frantz/Reuters)

“I will not be supporting Trump in 2024,” Hitt added. “We have serious problems facing this country and we need a President who will not repeat 2020 and will focus on tackling those difficult issues.”

The consequences of their actions.

Republicans in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin had signed legal documents falsely claiming that Donald Trump had won the election.

The notorious January 6 attack on the US Capitol came about as public officials accused now-US President Joe Biden of failing to win the 2020 election by legitimate means. Many of the rioters faced criminal and or civil charges. 

“What you see in the documents is that, although many people involved have sort of disapproval and sometimes disgust with what is going on, no one said stop,” Scott Thompson, an attorney with the liberal nonprofit firm Law Forward that represented the Biden electors, told the Washington Post.

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