Christians raise $3.2 million to secure emergency resources for Israel

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) has allocated $3.2 million towards bolstering local emergency response units in Israel. This financial support, driven by the generosity of Christian supporters globally, is being strategically deployed to equip local emergency response units with vital life-saving gear and fortified vehicles.

The IFCJ’s approach includes ongoing communication with key defense entities, ensuring that resources are swiftly directed to the most vulnerable communities, particularly those in the northern and southern regions.

To date, the funds raised by IFCJ have facilitated the acquisition of 4,820 protective vests (flak jackets), 2,900 helmets, and 500 first responder medical kits. These crucial supplies have been swiftly distributed to hundreds of emergency response units safeguarding local communities. 

The distribution began promptly after the outbreak of hostilities and is set to continue in the coming weeks, with a focus on identifying all relevant needs and understanding which communities face the most immediate threats.

One notable delivery included a protected vehicle to Ashkelon, enabling response teams to operate effectively amidst ongoing threats from rocket fire. Additional vehicles are scheduled for delivery to Sderot in the coming week, building on the four similar protected vehicles donated by IFCJ in recent years and utilized by local security teams in the Gaza border areas. These vehicles played a pivotal role in supporting immediate life-saving responses on October 7 and throughout the ongoing conflict.

An IFCJ member distributing aid kits (credit: IFCJ)

Financial support continues from IFCJ

These allocations form part of approximately NIS 80m. in support provided by IFCJ since the outset of the conflict, specifically designated for border communities in the north and south of Israel. Since the early stages of the conflict, IFCJ representatives have maintained close communication with local community leaders, the IDF, hospital directors, and other key figures in the Homefront to assess needs and respond accordingly.

Recently relocated to a new area, the unit continues to support evacuated families, underscoring IFCJ’s commitment to aiding the resilience of Israeli communities during this challenging period in the nation’s history.

“For 40 years, the IFCJ has been driven and honored to provide assistance and support to Israel and the Jewish people when and where they need it most, and now is certainly no exception,” said Yael Eckstein, president of the IFCJ. 

“The commitment of millions of Christians and Jews around the world who stand side by side with Israel and are doing everything they can to help keep the people of Israel safe is an inspiration to us all.”

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