Dahi Bhalla With Tamarind Chutney

Dahi Bhalla With Tamarind Chutney

Holi is the Hindu festival of colors and welcomes the arrival of spring in India. There are many delicacies that are prepared during the celebrations, but one is particularly special: dahi vada, also known as dahi bhalla. This is a beloved Indian snack of fermented lentil dumplings that are fried until golden brown, then soaked in seasoned yogurt. Dahi vada is served as a cooling snack on a hot afternoon, hitting all the tangy, sweet, and sour notes that are so quintessential to chaat dishes.

Soak the urad dal for a minimum of five hours to ensure that it blends into a smooth paste. This dal paste can get quite tacky, so adding water helps loosen it for blending. The texture of the dumplings is soft, light, and airy; once topped with and soaked in the yogurt, they achieve a delightfully spongy quality.

This spicy, flavorful dish might be a mainstay of Holi, but it makes for a vibrant party snack year-round. Dahi vada is typically garnished with various chutneys, like tamarind and cilantro-mint, and spices like chaat masala and red chile powder. There are many varieties that differ slightly from one another. Some versions include potatoes and chickpeas as a topping; others feature tomatoes and crispy sev. I grew up eating this simple version, and it hits the spot every time.

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