Deck the halls with hope: ‘Bring Them Home Now’ Christmas ornament

The Hostages and Missing Families Forum has introduced a unique Christmas tree ornament with the Bring Them Home Now logo to honor the holiday.

“Everyone who has a voice, world leaders, politicians and most importantly, individual citizens [must] continue to do everything in their power to bring [the hostages] home now,” the forum said in a statement. “This campaign will allow everyone to do their part to call for the immediate release of the hostages who have not been heard from, or seen, since their brutal abduction by Hamas on October 7.”

Shutterfly created and designed the ornament, which can be ordered in the shape of a square or a circle. The logo is printed on both sides.

It can be ordered from Every purchase is a donation to the forum. The proceeds will be used to help raise awareness about the hostage crisis and put pressure on the world to assist in getting those in captivity out.

Ornaments in honor of the hostages (credit: Designed by Shutterfly on behalf of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum)

Evangelical support for the holy land

Evangelical Christians have been broadly rallying alongside Israel for the release of its hostages from the strongholds of Hamas. For example, a sizeable contingency of Christians participated in the March for Israel in Washington last month.

In addition, Christian parliamentarians from around the world have signed letters and resolutions condemning Hamas and calling for the release of the hostages.


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