Dr. Phil slams Ivy Leagues: Are universities becoming ‘woke hotbeds?’

One of the most well-known and trusted Christian TV personalities has once again condemned American universities, this time for becoming “liberal, woke hotbeds, fostering intellectual rather than critical thinking.”

Dr. Phil McGraw condemned the testimonies of the leaders of Harvard University, MIT and the University of Pennsylvania before Congress last week in which they exuded “sickening smugness” and “an arrogance and dismissiveness seldom seen in that forum” while telling Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York that calling for the genocide of Jews only violates their policies of bullying and harassment if said in the “proper context.”

“To be 100% clear, using the dictionary definition of genocide, the question becomes, does calling for the deliberate killing of a large number of Jews with the aim of destroying the Jewish ethnic group and the nation of Israel violate your policy against bullying and harassment?” McGraw explained.

Claudine Gay of Harvard, Liz Magill of the University of Pennsylvania and Sally Kornbluth of MIT “evaded” the question. Magill resigned over the weekend.

McGraw is best known for his top-rated program, Dr. Phil, which ran for 21 years until May 2023. He is also a mental health professional. He filmed his video at the new Trinity Broadcasting Network studio in Dallas.

Dr. Phil McGraw (L), television personality and psychologist, prepares to testify to Congress in June 2010. (credit: REUTERS/JONATHAN ERNST)

Dr. Phil: calls for genocide don’t need context to violate school policies

“How much context would be required if the student organizations were demonstrating in support of genocide of all Asians, Catholics, blacks or gays?” McGraw asks after reviewing clips from the leaders’ testimonies. “‘I’ll tell you how much: none.

McGraw said he recently saw the IDF video of the raw footage from October 7 in which Hamas terrorists murder, rape, and defile the bodies of Israeli civilians. The targets, he said, were men, women, children, and the elderly, who were hunted, tortured, raped, dismembered, and beheaded without mercy.

“The sexual assaults perpetrated on the women and girls were so sick and twisted as to defy explanation,” said McGraw in the video. “These were not acts of war; they were mass murdering cowards, high on the drug Captagon, while they celebrated and tallied up their kills like they were in a drunken bar game on a Saturday night. I was so sickened by video images I can never unsee what was done to babies in cribs and young girls begging for their lives. I am changed forevermore.”

He then accused the university presidents of giving into the terror, of knowing “how traumatizing” demonstrations on university campuses by anti-Israel groups were to Jewish students, who walked to class amid chants of “shame, shame, shame.”

Chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine, for example, said blame for the massacre lies almost entirely with Israel. At George Washington University, students projected messages like “Glory To Our Martyrs” and “Divestment From Zionist Genocide Now” on the side of the campus library building. At Cooper Union College, Orthodox Jewish students were trapped in the library as a pro-Palestinian mob gathered behind the door and chanted “Free Palestine.”

Dr. Phil said he recently saw the IDF video of the raw footage from October 7 in which Hamas terrorists murder, rape, and defile the bodies of Israeli civilians (Trinity Broadcasting Network)

He said, “I love and stand with my Jewish brothers and sisters,” and then, lighting orange Hanukkah candles in honor of Ariel and Kfri Bibas – two orange-headed children still trapped in Gaza and perhaps dead – he offered a prayer for the hostages.

“This menorah is a reminder that light always prevails over darkness and good over evil as an American,” McGraw concluded.

Last month, McGraw released a separate video condemning American universities and colleges for “demagnetizing” the country’s “moral compass.”

In that video, also filmed at Trinity’s studio, McGraw asked: “Have some of these people gotten together and collectively lost their minds?” and highlighted how staff and students at many of America’s most respected elite universities “not only indulg[ed] but endors[ed] and sanctioned student organizations holding celebrations” for the murder of innocent Israelis by the Hamas terrorist organization on October 7.

More than 1,200 Israelis were murdered in the attack, and more than 240 people were taken hostage. More than 100 Israelis remain in captivity.

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