Gaza in chaos as Palestinian anger against Hamas grows

The second phase of the Israeli war in Gaza has further exacerbated the humanitarian crisis. Hundreds of thousands of displaced people who fled from the North now seek shelter in the already overcrowded southern part of the Gaza Strip. Many move from Khan Yunis, the current epicenter of IDF-Hamas fighting, to the southern end of the strip, Rafah, near the Egyptian border. All the while, signs point to Hamas’s rule weakening and the barrier of fear against the terrorist group breaking. 

A Gaza resident, who bravely expressed his opinions on the radio, voiced his message to Yahya Sinwar and his accomplices. The interviewee, journalist Muhammad Mansour, boldly stated, “May Allah curse you, Hamas leadership. Sinwar, you are the offspring of a despicable creature. Allah will avenge the destruction you have inflicted upon us.”

Mansour called on Hamas to release the remaining Israeli abductees held captive after the collapse of a previous deal, which resulted in the resumption of fighting. Frustrated, he exclaimed, “We were deported from Gaza to Khan Yunis, and from Khan Yunis to Rafah. Our children, women, and families were torn apart from us. Release these hostages immediately! Sinwar, [Mohammed] Deif, and their wicked companions hide underground. We don’t even have access to water.”

Why are Gazan Palestinians angry at Hamas?

While the Hamas leaders remain hidden in tunnels, above-ground residents face significant destruction and a lack of basic necessities, including food and water. These supplies are stored in UNRWA warehouses but fail to reach the people. Photos circulating show enraged residents looting one of the warehouses in Khan Yunis. One resident wrote in a local Telegram group, “What corruption! We are a family of four with refugees among us, struggling to find or buy food.

“A UNRWA representative denied us aid. The police informed the representative that distributing aid was prohibited.” Another resident expressed, “UNRWA is ruining our lives just like the Jews.”


When the Qatari Al Jazeera network attempted to blame Israel for the dire situation, an elderly resident who fled from northern Khan Yunis confronted the organization that has controlled Gaza since 2007.

“All the aid goes down (to the tunnels)! It doesn’t reach the people”, she asserted to the surprised reporter, who tried to persuade her otherwise. Firmly, she replied, “No, no, everything goes to their homes. They take everything.”

In another incident this week, documented and shared on social media, residents threw stones at Hamas members to prevent them from looting a humanitarian convoy passing through Egypt to the Rafah crossing. The angry residents challenged the Hamas forces, who responded by firing at them. “Come here, if you are real men,” they shouted. The footage concluded with the furious protesters starting to chase the convoy.

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