Hadar Goldin’s sister: Include all Gaza hostages in negotiations

Hadar Goldin's sister: Include all Gaza hostages in negotiations

Ayelet Goldin, the sister of Hadar Goldin who was abducted during Operation Protective Edge, spoke with Udi Segal and Anat Davidov from 103FM and said her brother’s name should be added to the abductee list for the upcoming negotiations with Qatar.

During the interview, she shared the ongoing struggle her family faces and their determination to advocate for all abductees.

“We fight fiercely for all those taken captive, ensuring that what happened to us will not befall others,” she asserted.

“My little brother, Lt. Hadar Goldin, an exceptional officer, was kidnapped while a ceasefire was in place during ‘Protective Edge,’ when Hamas violated the ceasefire despite the US guarantee,” Ayelet explained.

“Hadar was wounded and taken to a hospital in Gaza, but [then-IDF chief of staff Benny] Gantz halted the military operation to retrieve my wounded brother. Since then, we have been living in captivity for nine years. We know exactly where Hadar is, and we are a close-knit family. The abductees’ families have been subjected to legal proceedings, and this failure by the State of Israel is a glaring example.”

Credit: Courtesy of The Family

“Hadar is a hostage. The list submitted to human rights organizations, Qatar, and all other involved parties should include the ‘Protective Edge’ hostages, as this ongoing crisis continues to unfold,” she emphasized.

“This is just one instance highlighting Israel’s failure to recognize that the fundamental morality of our state lies in the mutual guarantee between us, as soldiers and citizens, and our government. Without this guarantee, there can be no nation,” Ayelet added, addressing the program hosts.

“Udi and Anat, as members of the media, but first and foremost as citizens, you have a role to play during this crucial time. Do not ask me the questions that should be answered by politicians. The sole objective of this war is to bring back the kidnapped Israelis — our fellow citizens and soldiers who bravely defended our nation. An Israeli society cannot thrive without their return.”

Israel cannot thrive without the return of the hostages

“These families are not ‘poor.’ They are not ‘victims.’ We are the hostages,” Ayelet continued. “This is the face of an entire nation. You know that the prime minister sat before the families of the hostages and declared, ‘The goal of bringing back the hostages does not contradict our war objectives.’ As an Israeli, can you accept such a statement? After all, the kidnapped child in captivity could be your own.”

Ayelet stressed that the primary mission of the war should be the safe return of the hostages.

“I want to emphasize that this cry, this call, represents the face of all of us,” she urged. “As members of the media, you have the power to choose which side of history you stand on. Do not merely be members of the media; be Israelis who recognize your influence. This cry must resound loudly and unequivocally. Once we are united in our resolve, our politicians will find the solutions. We have come to realize that without security for our citizens and soldiers and without a fundamental agreement with our country, there can be no nation. It is as simple as that—no hostages, no country.”

Lastly, Ayelet was asked if she had received any recent calls from politicians.

“Nothing. We knock on doors, we plead,” she disclosed. “It is an arduous battle, but we fight fiercely for all hostages, ensuring that the tragic fate we have endured will not befall others.”

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