How Hamas successfully assimilates into neighborhoods for terrorism

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit presented a report on Tuesday detailing the methods used by Hamas to successfully turn civilian neighborhoods into zones of terror within the Gaza Strip, allowing them to place terrorism over the lives of civilians.

Historically, Hamas has used civilian infrastructure like schools and mosques to hide weapons and missiles. Since the start of the IDF’s ground operation, weapons have been found in children’s bedrooms, in kindergartens, and Shifa Hospital among other locations.

Per the video released Tuesday, the IDF encountered civilian buildings which hid underground tunnels, hiding places for terrorists, military bases for conducting operations, rocket and anti-tank missile launch sites, and munition warehouses.

History of abuse of civilian spaces

Terrorist infrastructure within Gaza was revealed to be set up in several civilian buildings to use the residents of Gaza as a human shield for Hamas terrorists.

The terrorist organization relies on the maximum utilization of institutions, both above and underground, with the expectation that Israeli forces will not be able to uncover them.

An IDF soldier in a bedroom located next to a Hamas weapons factory in northern Gaza. (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT)

Newly acquired footage depicts the Shati neighborhood in the northern Gaza Strip being used to store weapons in schools, and civilian homes to hide missiles and weapons, and house terrorist operatives.

These videos show the extent to which Hamas will put terrorism above the needs of their residents.

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