Humiliating pictures of Hamas terrorists may harm Israel – ex-official

The question of whether photos depicting Hamas terrorists in submissive positions contribute to Israel’s war objectives or hinder them intensifies with the increasing frequency of such images being released.

As the IDF intensifies operations in the southern Gaza Strip, the security establishment must take a stance on this matter, which appears to divide opinions.

While these photos may humiliate Hamas, a former senior security official suggests they may not truly serve our interests. “These photos are intended to resonate with the Israeli public, albeit within a specific demographic, but their effectiveness is uncertain,” the former official said.

In a night operation: dozens of calculators were arrested by the IDF in Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip. December 10, 2023 (credit: SCREENSHOT ACCORDING TO 27A OF COPYRIGHT ACT)

Are the photos of surrendering Hamas terrorists in Gaza staged?

The same official raises concerns about some events appearing staged. For instance, in a recently released video, an elderly man in his underwear can be seen moving to the front of the line and placing his weapon down. This particular photo raises numerous questions, according to the official.

“Under what circumstances would someone undress before surrendering their weapon?” they pointed out. “Logically, the weapon should be surrendered first, followed by removing clothes.”

Additionally, the official points out that not everyone there is a terrorist. Some people are questioned in the field and released, while only a few undergo further investigation in Israel.

The official concludes that engaging in a humiliation contest with Hamas is not worth it. He highlights that Hamas possesses videos from October 7 of Israelis in equally humiliating positions. Attempting to boost national morale through this, he warns, may result in psychological damage on the international stage.

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