Israel-Hamas war: IDF uncovers Hamas terror tunnels under Gaza school

The IDF attacked some 200 Hamas targets overnight as they continued the ground operation deep inside Gaza, according to a statement by the IDF spokesperson.

Extensive strikes were carried out by the Israeli Air Force, operating alongside soldiers on the ground.

The Negev Brigade reportedly destroyed terrorist infrastructure set up within a Beit Hanun-based school where Hamas terrorists launched attacks against IDF soldiers. Within that same school complex, two additional tunnels of the terror organization’s extensive network tunnels. 

The uncovered tunnels were also holding an arsenal of weapons.

Weapons of mass destruction uncovered in Gaza

The IAF struck vehicles such as mortars, missiles, and other weaponry for war in addition to striking Hamas military infrastructure believed to be planned for an attack against Israeli forces.

Soldiers continue the ground operation in Gaza in addition to overnight strikes on December 4th, 2023. (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON UNIT)

The Navy also struck terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza harbor.

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