Kansas state legislature passes pro-Israel resolution amid Gaza war

The Kansas State Senate and House of Representatives used their first official act of the 2024 legislative agenda to pass a pro-Israel sentiment and pledge support for Israel after the October 7 massacre. The Kansas legislative bodies adopted a measure rejecting rising antisemitism impacting Jewish communities worldwide.

Resolution HR 6030 officially condemns the brutal attacks on Israeli territory and the continued terror attacks on the State of Israel. It also reaffirms the support of the state and pledges continued cooperation between Kansas and Israel.

The resolution had several important declarations presented. Among those included calling for the unconditional safe return of hostages held in Gaza, as well as support for Israel’s right to exist, defend itself, and protect its citizens. The resolution also places the blame for the October 7 massacre on Hamas, notating that their founding charter calls for the extermination of Jews and Israel together at all costs.

The resolution also rejects “all forms of antisemitism, including threats against Jewish people and Jewish institutions.”

The resolution received overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle. In the Senate, it passed by a vote of 34-6, and by 106-14 in the House.

 The move received widespread praise from organizations fighting antisemitism. Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM)’s CEO Sacha Roytman released a statement: “The Combat Antisemitism Movement commends the Kansas Senate and House of Representatives for passing a resolution affirming the state’s support for Israel as its first act in the new session. As we enter the fourth month following Hamas’ massacre of innocent Israelis on October 7, it is critical for Jewish constituents to know that their elected leaders stand firm against terrorism and antisemitism.”

“Additionally, we unequivocally support Israel’s right to exist, defend itself, and protect its citizens from terrorism and harm,” the statement continued. “Since the Hamas terror attacks, antisemitism has risen by 400% nationwide, resulting in increased security measures for our local Jewish communities. We reject all antisemitism in any of its grotesque forms and stand united with Jewish people in Kansas and throughout the world.

“House Republicans stand steadfast in solidarity with the State of Israel and the Jewish people and offer our continued prayers for safety, peace, and healing for our strongest Middle Eastern ally as they defend their freedom and democratic way of life.”

The measure was also vocally supported by Jewish House Representative Dan Osman.

Rep. Osman is a Democrat from Overland Park, Kansas, and is one of two Jewish members of the Kansas state legislature. He said: “I wish that we didn’t need to be as serious as we are on this first day. But I also wish that Hamas didn’t preemptively attack Israel on Oct. 7, and I wish that they didn’t use thousands of missiles to strike Israel, I wish that they didn’t rape women, behead babies, burn families alive in their homes and kidnap young and old alike.”

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