NYC mayor’s message to pro-Palestinian protesters: ‘Bring the Hostages Home’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams was confronted by Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Manhattan on Tuesday evening, who met the mayor with chants of “You have blood on your hands Eric Adams” and “How many killed Palestinian children will it take for you to call for a ceasefire?”

Adams simply responded: “Bring the hostages home.”

Since the October 7 attacks and the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas War, global attention has focused on the Middle East. Protests and counter-protests have erupted worldwide, with New York City becoming a focal point for demonstrations, particularly on college campuses. 

Amid rising antisemitism at many rallies, Adams has taken a firm stance in support of the Jewish community, the right of Israel to defend itself, and advocated for the release of the hostages held by Hamas. His support for Israel predates the current conflict; Adams made an official visit to Israel in August 2023, where he engaged in discussions with Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on various topics such as the judicial reform and crisis.

PRO-PALESTINIAN demonstrators protest in New York City, on January 20. (credit: JEENAH MOON/REUTERS)

Adams’ previous comments

In a previous speech delivered merely days after Hamas’s invasion of southern Israel, Adams emphasized his support, “We are not alright when we still have hostages that have not come home to our families. We are not alright.”

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