Pork Tenderloin With Jam-and-Mustard Glaze

Pork Tenderloin With Jam-and-Mustard Glaze

Jam and Dijon mustard is an IYKYK kind of situation. While the duo may seem an unlikely pair, fated to meet only when stored next to each other in the fridge, they actually belong together as the building blocks of a delightfully tangy sauce. Consider this: You get sweetness and body from the jam and brightness and acidity from the mustard. Add a bit of soy sauce for savory saltiness and a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes for heat and you’re in business, without ever looking beyond what you probably already have stocked in your kitchen.

In this recipe, sharp Dijon and your jam of choice (I love the rich color you get from raspberry but any flavor works) make up the base of a topping for pork tenderloin. This quick-cooking cut is ideal for weeknight dinners. After searing the pork in a hot pan, you’ll build the sauce and then nestle the meat back in, to finish cooking as the fruity mixture thickens. The glaze also pulls double duty as a component for the vinaigrette that is drizzled over a simple salad of delicately bitter radicchio and quick-pickled red onion. It all makes for a flavor-packed 35-minute meal with minimal shopping required.

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