Pristine and mysterious milky pool discovered in deep underground cave

Without a doubt, one of the most awe-inspiring discoveries of recent times has been made: A pristine and mysterious pool filled with a milky liquid, untouched by human hands, was found deep within a cave more than 200 meters underground.

As we continue to explore the depths of our planet, it is truly remarkable to stumble upon a natural wonder that remains unseen by human eyes. 

Researchers stumbled upon an extraordinary pool of water nestled within the depths of the cave, appearing to be filled with milk instead of water. But is it truly so?

Workers at Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico described the sight as “wonderful” and proclaimed the pool to be “absolutely pristine” and untarnished by human presence. 

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Does not contain actual milk

The pool is surrounded by white milky rock, and though the water within appears murky with a creamy hue, it contains no actual milk. Rather, it is a magical optical illusion. Expedition leader Max Wisshak explained to Earthly Mission that the water is in fact clear, and likely the result of ancient rainwater seeping through the limestone roof.

This astonishing discovery was made 700 feet (213 meters) below the Carlsbad Caverns, within the magnificent Lechuguilla Cave.

(credit:, official site)
(credit:, official site)
(credit:, official site)

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The discovery was made when “a team of seasoned explorers obtained permission to venture beyond a body of water known as the “Lake of the Liquid Sky.”

The expedition plan took years to finalize, with the Liquid Sky Lake first discovered in 1993. Rodney Horrocks of Carlsbad Park said that this pool has remained isolated for hundreds of thousands of years, untouched by the light of day.

Wisshak further added that pristine pools like these hold great scientific significance, as the water samples are relatively free from pollutants, and the microbial organisms inhabiting these pools are those endemic to the environment.

Pollution can potentially stem from the surface above the cave, but in the case of this cave, this is not a concern as it is nestled within a well-protected wilderness area, he further explained. 

Carlsbad Caverns have been a source of exploration for decades, yet new areas continue to be discovered. In 2012, researchers stumbled upon an entirely new network of connecting tunnels leading to a massive chamber, measuring nearly 180 meters in length and 45 meters in height.

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