Remember the Viral Thanksgiving ‘Strangers’? You Can Dine With Them This Year

Bon Appétit

Singer Joe Jonas found himself eating at the same restaurant as comedian Nathan Fielder one recent evening, and he’s shared a FaceTime-style video on social media recounting his experience. Naturally, as a kind, acknowledging gesture, Jonas sent a drink to Fielder’s table. Upon receipt of said drink, Fielder sent to Jonas, in return, a side of mayonnaise. This cheeky celebrity interaction validates why I find Nathan Fielder to be so utterly hilarious. What better way to say thank you than with a side of mayonnaise? I wish I could’ve been the waiter hearing and delivering this request. And I do have a few lingering questions: What kind of drink did Jonas send to Fielder’s table? More importantly, what kind of mayonnaise? Was it good? Has Nathan done this before? What I do know now: Nathan Fielder’s deadpan sense of humor carries off-screen and I’m eating it all up. 4.9/5 delicious. —Julia Duarte, designer

For the sake of scientific research, I have released a laser-guided, waffle-shaped robotic mop into my home. It’s currently downstairs using LiDAR to map my living room while simultaneously vacuuming the carpet and babysitting both of my toddlers. The inevitable collaboration of Eggo (the waffle company) and Bissell Vacuums (of vacuum fame) produced this new addition to my family, dubbed The EggoVac: a Bissell Spinwave R5 robotic mop and vacuum, dressed in delicious, waffly imagery.

The precision of the mechanical mop-waffle is both unsettling and impressive. On day one EggoVac crawled about, drawing a near-perfect floor plan of my house, including all furniture placement. Via the phone app, I’ve scheduled him to wake up and clean specific regions of the house, e.g. the sandy beach of crumbs my kids leave under our breakfast table each morning, a task he conquers while weaving around a maze of chair legs. When transformed into mop-mode, WaffleBot (my three-year old named him) capably soaks up the slurry of milk, juice, and mystery goo that coats our wood floors, somehow avoiding carpets and rugs using…lasers or something? This would all be seriously off-putting coming from a cold, soulless machine, but in the form of a buttery waffle drizzled with syrup, EggoVac is fairly disarming. My kids constantly chase it around the house laughing, and the $150 price tag costs less than a day of daycare for them. Sure, it occasionally gets stuck under the couch and needs rescuing, but so does my 10-month-old daughter, and she does way less cleaning. 5/5 delicious. —Dan Siegel, senior director of creative development, video

To prove that its chickens get high-quality feed, Perdue released Chix Mix—a snack mix made with essentially the same ingredients as the company’s chicken feed. If you’re curious, said ingredients include corn, edamame, and wheat as well as “a dash of tasty BBQ spices just for humans,’ per Perdue’s press release. This last part, of course, begs the question: Why aren’t the chickens allowed some BBQ spices? I’m sure they’d enjoy a little spice, a little sparkle, a little flavor in their feed. Sure, it’s great that we’re claiming to give our chickens hormone-free whole foods or whatever, but isn’t that all canceled out if it doesn’t taste like barbecue? Chickens have taste buds too. Justice for them. I’m rating this a 1.1/5 distressing. —Sam Stone, staff writer

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