‘South Africa came to attack Israel’: Anti-Israel proposals defeated at IPU

Israel’s delegation at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) annual conference on Monday was able to put a stop to two proposals that condemned Israel’s actions in the war against Hamas and called for an immediate ceasefire, a Monday release from Likud MK Danny Danon’s office reported. 

The Israeli delegation’s success came after a heated confrontation between Danon and the South African representative, which included the two yelling. 

The IPU is considered the largest inter-parliamentary organization in the world and consists of 179 parliaments, including the Israeli Knesset.  Within the IPU, an anti-Israel coalition has recently been formed consisting of countries that condemn Israel for its actions in the war against Hamas in Gaza.

Two proposals for an immediate ceasefire

South Africa has been an active participant in this coalition, along with Arab countries, who offered a proposal at the conference to put an immediate end to Israel’s war against Hamas. During her speech, the South African representative accused Israel of committing crimes against humanity and creating a deliberate humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Indonesia and Malaysia submitted a ceasefire proposal at the conference as well.

World Court rules on Gaza emergency measures in Israel genocide case, in The Hague (credit: PIROSCHKA VAN DE WOUW/REUTERS)

Victory for Israel 

Israel’s delegation, led by Danon, successfully stopped the attempt to pass both proposals, which were ultimately voted down, the release noted. 

“Today is Purim, which makes this win all the more meaningful,” Danon said in response to the Israeli delegation’s victory. “South Africa came to attack and embarrass Israel at the IPU, but just as we decisively defeated Haman and the ancient Persian oppressors, we were able to thwart this hypocritical and false proposal submitted by South Africa and supported by Arab countries who came to demonize Israel. 

“I thank our friends from various countries who cooperated with Israel’s delegation to avert a diplomatic victory for South Africa that would have inflicted significant damage on Israel,” Danon concluded.

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