Tehran-Paris ties: Is Iran really strengthening ties with France? – analysis

In an rare statement about wanting closer ties with the West, Iran’s new ambassador to France has highlighted the importance of ties between Tehran and Paris. He made the comments in talks with Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian. The new ambassador to France is Mohammad Amin-Nejad.  The new envoy to France was meeting with […]

Plant, fruit analysis from Goliath’s biblical city sheds light on Philistine rituals

The mysterious culture of the Philistines that flourished during the Iron Age (1200-604 BCE) profoundly affected the southern Levant’s cultural history, agronomy, and dietary customs. More than a quarter century of excavations at Tell es-Safi/Gath in central Israel, identified as the biblical Gath of the Philistines and the home of Goliath, has provided a […]

Are there signs Biden is souring on Israel? – analysis

Is the honeymoon with US President Joe Biden over? Has the US president – who articulated unequivocal support for Israel after the October 7 massacre, who came here to show that support a few days later, who sent aircraft carrier strike forces to the Eastern Mediterranean to deter Hezbollah and Iran, who has overseen […]

The complicated Israel-Hamas bargain: A deal with the devil – analysis

In the aftermath of a challenging kidnapping incident, Israel finds itself making a tough decision, striking a deal with Hamas. Despite the weighty consequences, the priority remains rescuing kidnapped children. The possibility of striking Hamas post-ceasefire looms, but the odds of a clear victory picture are dwindling. The deal is harsh, the price steep, […]

Ups and downs of northern Gaza security zone strategy – analysis

Ups and downs of northern Gaza security zone strategy - analysis

One idea being considered by the war cabinet is a ground invasion that is larger than any seen since 2014 and including 2014, but one which is still limited in how long and how deep the IDF goes into parts of Gaza, with one of the goals being to create a new northern Gaza security […]