Biden’s Israel shift: not enough for Democrats, too much for Republicans

President Joe Biden’s demand this week that Israel improve humanitarian conditions in Gaza and support a ceasefire drew sharp attacks both from frustrated political allies who said the US president did not go far enough and opponents who said he went too far. On Thursday in a call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden […]

White House hosts muted Ramadan event as Biden’s Israel policy draws anger

The White House held a scaled-down iftar dinner on Tuesday to celebrate Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, after some invitees turned the president down over frustrations in the Muslim community over his policy toward the Israel-Gaza war. President Joe Biden met with Muslim leaders before having a small dinner with senior Muslim officials in […]

‘Uncommitted’ protest over Biden’s Israel support aims at Minnesota

The “uncommitted” movement to pressure US President Joe Biden to change his policy on Israel is headed to Minnesota, where activists hope a coalition of progressive Democrats and Muslim Americans will fuel a strong protest vote on Super Tuesday. Minnesota is not a battleground state, given Democrats’ historic strength there, so any uncommitted vote […]

Ralph Reed’s red flag: Is Biden’s reelection driving US Mideast policy?

US President Joe Biden’s reelection worries are influencing his Middle East policies, potentially posing risks to Israel, according to American political consultant and lobbyist Ralph Reed. “There’s an appearance that US foreign policy, and US policy toward Israel and the Middle East, is being influenced by domestic political consideration,” Reed said this week during […]

Jewish Republican group slams Biden’s two-state solution call amid war

The Republican Jewish Coalition issued a statement Tuesday condemning President Joe Biden’s push for a two-state solution.  Biden’s administration has unequivocally stood by achieving peace through the creation of a Palestinian state, which the White House and State Department have reiterated. Biden expressed this stance on his most recent call last week with Prime […]

Behind Biden’s shift on Israel-Hamas war – Gaza deaths, int’l pressure

Behind Biden's shift on Israel-Hamas war - Gaza deaths, int'l pressure

US President Joe Biden and his team have markedly shifted their tone on the Israel-Hamas war in recent days, moving from unfettered support of Israel to emphasizing the need to protect Palestinian civilians in Gaza ahead of a looming Israeli ground invasion. Biden has not changed his fundamental belief that Israel has the right […]