US Supreme Court to decide Trump criminal immunity claim in 2020 election case

The US Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed to decide Donald Trump’s claim of immunity from prosecution for trying to overturn his 2020 election loss, giving him a boost as he tries to delay criminal prosecutions while running to regain the presidency. The justices put on hold the criminal case being pursued by Special Counsel […]

US Supreme Court won’t rule on Trump’s claim in 2020 election case

The US Supreme Court on Friday declined to immediately decide former President Donald Trump’s claim that he cannot be prosecuted for trying to overturn his 2020 election defeat, allowing a lower court to continue reviewing the issue. The justices, rebuffing an extraordinary request by US Special Counsel Jack Smith, refused to effectively leap-frog a […]

Experts question claim of ‘earliest Hebrew inscription’ on Mt. Ebal

Last year, with much public fanfare, a team of American, European, and Israeli archaeologists and Jewish history and biblical studies academics claimed in a journal that they had discovered a tiny lead object with an early Hebrew curse inscription, supposedly the earliest Hebrew inscription ever found, from the early Iron Age site of Mt. […]

Israel’s ground op could cut Hamas control of key road – Arab news claim

Israel’s expanding ground operation is being watched closely by regional media. On Monday, Arab news reports claimed that Israeli tanks were seen on a major road that connects the south of the Gaza Strip, to the north. The reports prompted speculation in foreign media about the progress of the ground campaign: If Salah a-Din […]