Tower of David Jerusalem opens multi-level pavilion

Ten steps inside the Old City of Jerusalem at the Jaffa Gate lie two tombs. Legend has it that they are the tombs of two Ottoman engineers, beheaded and buried by Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century. Some say that they lie there in everlasting disgrace for not including David’s Tomb on Mount […]

After painstaking excavation, the Tower of David pavilion opens

Nestled in an area between the Old City’s Ottoman-period outer wall and the inner wall that was once an Ottoman ramp is the new Tower of David Angelina Drahi Entrance Pavilion, which is scheduled to hold its official opening and inaugural temporary exhibition next month. This is a striking new architectural concept in the […]

Rare stone box from the Second Temple period discovered in the City of David

A rare and mysterious, multi-compartment stone container dating back to the days of the Second Temple that serves as evidence of the destruction of Jerusalem two millennia ago has been put on display for the first time at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The square box was discovered during excavations conducted by the Israel […]

David Chang’s Latest Momofuku Closure Marks the End of an Era

Bon Appétit

Do you remember the 2010s? You were obsessed with going to speakeasies, you still loved updating your Facebook status, and David Chang was the hottest chef in town—make that the world. That highly specific era of renegade chef-driven restaurant culture is very much over, as made clear on October 24, when Chang revealed that he […]