Norway PM sees imminent deal to transfer tax funds between Israel and Palestinians

In agreement to unfreeze tax funds earmarked for the Palestinian Authority (PA) that are held by Israel is “imminent,” Norway’s prime minister, whose country is working as an intermediary, said on Saturday. Under interim peace accords reached in the 1990s, Israel’s finance ministry collects tax on behalf of the Palestinians and makes monthly transfers […]

Israel-Hamas hostage deal: Freeing captives between devastating Gaza

As the war against Hamas entered its seventh week at the end of November, the first major breakthrough occurred in the efforts to release the approximately 240 hostages who were seized on October 7 when 3,000 heavily armed terrorists stormed across the Gaza border, entering 22 Israeli communities and killing 1,200 people, mostly civilians. […]

The complicated Israel-Hamas bargain: A deal with the devil – analysis

In the aftermath of a challenging kidnapping incident, Israel finds itself making a tough decision, striking a deal with Hamas. Despite the weighty consequences, the priority remains rescuing kidnapped children. The possibility of striking Hamas post-ceasefire looms, but the odds of a clear victory picture are dwindling. The deal is harsh, the price steep, […]

The secret negotiations that led to the Gaza hostages deal

Shortly after Hamas militants took hostages during their deadly assault on southern Israel on October 7, the government of Qatar contacted the White House with a request: Form a small team of advisers to help work to get the captives freed. That work, begun in the days after the hostages were taken, finally bore […]

Hostage deal to be finalized in the coming hours

According to senior Israeli officials, there is a strong possibility that the details of a hostage deal will be finalized in the coming hours, Israeli media reported. The proposed agreement involved the release of approximately 50 Israeli children and their mothers in exchange for a four-day ceasefire. It will take place in a 1:3 […]

Jerusalem Christians rally round Armenian Church over land deal

The heads of the Christian Churches in Jerusalem issued a rare joint appeal at the weekend, warning that a contested land deal could erase the centuries-old presence of the Armenian community within the Old City. The ethnic Armenian community has its own district within the ancient city of Jerusalem under borders drawn by Ottoman […]