Roman soldiers’ 1,600-year-old oil lamp found by high schooler in Israel

A lamp that lit up the nights for Roman soldiers guarding a fort on the Scorpions’ Ascent in the South along an important ancient trade route over which copper and possibly gold were transported was discovered 90 years ago.Now, on the same exact spot, a 16-year-old high school pupil on a school trip has […]

Exceptionally well-preserved 14th-century armor glove discovered

Swiss archaeologists have discovered an extraordinarily well preserved 14th century gauntlet in Kyburg Castle in Pfäffikon, Switzerland on Tuesday .  The gauntlet’s state of preservation allows for the recognition of numerous manufacturing and decorative details, setting it apart from previously known examples. This armor glove is made from individual iron plates intricately stacked like […]

An archaeological treasure: Workers stumble on medieval sword in Poland

Workers deepening a pool at a recreation center in Włocławek, Poland, last Friday were greeted by an unexpected sight, an entirely intact early medieval sword, the Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments in Toruń announced. The sword had first been missed by the excavator, who tossed the piece of history aside. The treasure […]

How a 2nd century man from the Russian steppe died in Roman Britain

Researchers discovered human remains dating back to the 2nd century in Cambridgeshire, UK, with ancestry linked to the Caucasus and Sarmatians but not to local British populations, according to a December report published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Current Biology. The researchers first discovered the human remains in a burial near Offord Cluny, an […]

Archaeologists just made a major discovery about the Roman Empire

These days, it’s “my Roman Empire” this and “my Roman Empire” that. But if your niche obsession is the Roman Empire, you’re going to be fascinated by the latest discovery archaeologists have made into this ancient society. A groundbreaking thirteen-year study, led by Dr Alessandro Launaro from the University of Cambridge’s Classics Faculty and […]

Discovery of emperor’s tomb proves ancient power struggle in China

Discovery of emperor's tomb proves ancient power struggle in China

A tomb from 1,400 years ago uncovered near the city of Xianyang in Shaanxi province in China has proven that a power struggle occurred in the court of the Chinese emperor which was until now only mentioned in written accounts according to a Chinese report on the findings. The site is roughly 560 miles from […]