Pope Francis meets with families of Hamas hostages, marks 6-month anniversary

Pope Francis on Monday hosted many families of the hostages taken by Hamas, marking six months since the victims were taken captive on October 7. Monday’s encounter was the second time that Francis held an audience with the affected families, the first being on November 22. The 87-year-old Argentinian religious leader is known for […]

Israel’s Knesset speaker to visit US House with Gaza hostages’ families

Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana was invited to the United States House of Representatives in the first week of February. He is scheduled to meet with the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson.  The Knesset Speaker has invited several former hostages and family members of hostages to his diplomatic visit. Those invited […]

Families fleeing Ashkelon rocket, Hamas ‘hell’ live in Jerusalem hotel

Several Ashkelon families are currently residing at the Eyal Hotel in the city center, evacuated with the help of Shalva (Israel Association for the Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities).  Among them is Aviva, 36, the mother of four children, ranging in age from one to seven, among them a child on the […]

Gaza families wear ID bracelets to avoid burial in mass graves

Gaza families wear ID bracelets to avoid burial in mass graves

With so many bodies, Palestinians in Gaza are burying the unidentified dead in mass graves, with a number instead of a name, residents say. Now some families are using bracelets in the hope of finding their loved ones should they be killed. The El-Daba family has tried to reduce the risk of being struck […]

At UN, Israeli officials and hostage families demand int’l action

At UN, Israeli officials and hostage families demand int'l action

A photo of 3-year-old Israeli twins, Emma and Yuli Cunio, lay on a brick walkway across from the United Nations, alongside a red rose and two pairs of children’s shoes. The image was arrayed among dozens of flyers with photos of other captives held hostage by Hamas in Gaza, each sheet headlined with the word […]