Ralph Reed’s red flag: Is Biden’s reelection driving US Mideast policy?

US President Joe Biden’s reelection worries are influencing his Middle East policies, potentially posing risks to Israel, according to American political consultant and lobbyist Ralph Reed. “There’s an appearance that US foreign policy, and US policy toward Israel and the Middle East, is being influenced by domestic political consideration,” Reed said this week during […]

US teacher threatens to behead middle school student in Israeli flag row

A middle school teacher has been arrested after threatening to behead a middle school student who told him that having the Israeli flag in his class was offensive, according to reports from Saturday. The 7th-grade teacher, 51-year-old Benjamin Reese, was arrested on December 8 on the charges of terrorist threats and cruelty to children […]

John Fetterman waves Israeli flag in front of pro-Palestinian protesters

US Democratic Senator John Fetterman waved the Israeli flag on Friday in front of pro-Palestinian protesters who were demonstrating against Israel. In response, protesters booed him, and some of them were arrested. The protesters chanted: “What do we want? Ceasefire. When do we want it? Now.” One protester accused Fetterman of “doing a disservice […]