Can you guess what the world’s longest flight route will be in 2025?

As aviation technology continues to advance, airplanes can stay in flight longer without having to stop and refuel as often. This has allowed for the creation of extra-long flight routes worldwide. With longer flights comes an advance in the way we travel. Especially on long flights, efforts to make trips more enjoyable come in […]

Flight lands in Israel’s airport amid Hamas rocket barrage from Gaza

Passengers on board a flight with the Israeli airline Arkia experienced a remarkable and nerve-wracking event as their plane descended to land at Ben-Gurion Airport. Looking out of the windows, they watched as the Iron Dome system intercepted a barrage of rockets launched by Hamas from Gaza.  Plane photography enthusiasts, known as “spotters,” captured […]

As war rages, Fijian charter flight becomes repatriation mission

As war rages, Fijian charter flight becomes repatriation mission

A chartered flight arranged to bring a group of Evangelical Christians from Fiji to Israel and back to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles was repurposed as a repatriation flight to help those stranded after Hamas brutally attacked Israel over the weekend, beginning the Swords of Iron War. “It was a divinely ordained idea to bring […]