SF’s Splashy New Food Hall Will Have a Bakery, Cooking School, and More

The second floor of Saluhall in San Francisco.

Few places in America attract more attention than downtown San Francisco. It was once a symbol of skyscraping tech wealth and has since come to represent some of this country’s most pressing societal problems. Since downtown offices emptied out in the wake of the pandemic, restaurants continue to close, alongside the retail exodus, including the […]

This Was the Year Ozempic Changed How People Saw Food

Bon Appétit

In 2023, these two impulses—the desire to consume and the desire to mitigate that consumption—came to a head, and Ozempic sits at the center. Semaglutides work by triggering a hormone that controls satiety—patients report feeling fuller faster, having reduced cravings, and being able to control eating in ways they have long struggled with. Emerging research […]

6 Food Subscriptions That Make Amazing Gifts

Bon Appétit

The thing about gift-giving season is that it’s easy for something to get lost in the shuffle, because people are getting so many gifts all at once. Enter the food subscription gift, which is, in our opinion, the best kind of gift to give and receive. Giving a subscription box ensures that your present will […]

What I Eat as a 26-Year-Old Food Scientist Making $100K in Philadelphia, PA

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Welcome to The Receipt, a series documenting how Bon Appétit readers eat and what they spend doing it. Each food diary follows one anonymous reader’s week of expenses related to groceries, restaurant meals, coffee runs, and every bite in between. In this time of rising food costs, The Receipt reveals how folks—from different cities, with […]