Was the wreckage found off Argentina a Nazi submarine?

The discovery of a sunken submarine off Argentina’s coast in 2022 sparked a rush of investigations to establish its origins, with several claims that it was a Nazi submarine used to smuggle officials out of Germany. According to a Buenos Aires Times report on Wednesday, a group of volunteer researchers launched an investigation into […]

US, France, Germany and UK call on Iran to de-escalate nuclear program

 France, Germany, Britain, and the United States on Thursday condemned an increase by Iran in the production rate of highly enriched uranium of up to 60% purity, close to the level used for nuclear weapons fuel. In a joint statement, the allies made no mention of any consequences Iran could face for the production […]

France, Germany, Italy back EU sanctions scheme to target Hamas

France, Germany, and Italy called for the European Union to set up a special sanctions scheme to target Hamas as EU foreign ministers met on Monday to consider possible next steps in response to the Middle East crisis. Among the possible measures up for discussion at the meeting are a crackdown on Hamas’s finances […]

2,000-year-old graves found in Germany

A 2,000-year-old burial site containing charred remains and valuable artifacts has been unearthed near Fröndenberg-Frömern, Germany. Led by the Westphalia-Lippe Regional Association (LWL), experts have uncovered a captivating glimpse into the Iron Age’s mysteries, shedding light on the rich history of the region. Dr. Manuel Zeiler, an archaeologist with LWL, expressed his excitement about […]