New study suggests 17th century Italians were cannabis users

A new peer-reviewed study entitled “Forensic toxicological analyses reveal the use of cannabis in Milano (Italy) in the 1600s,” published in the Journal of Archeological Science, established that 17th-century Italians used cannabis for recreational purposes or medical purposes.  Basing their study on the crypt of the once-renowned 17th century Milanese hospital Ospedale Maggiore, researchers […]

IDF reaches, enters Al-Shifa hospital

The IDF is currently undergoing operations on Al-Shifa Hospital early Wednesday morning, according to an IDF statement. “Based on intelligence information and an operational necessity, IDF forces are carrying out a precise and targeted operation against Hamas in a specified area in the Al-Shifa Hospital,” the IDF statement said. “The IDF forces include medical […]

‘New York Times’ backtracks on Gaza hospital blast coverage

'New York Times' backtracks on Gaza hospital blast coverage

The New York Times published an Editor’s Note addressing their October 17 article on the Gaza hospital blast, in an Editor’s Note six days after the report. The Times acknowledged that the coverage led with claims by officials from the terrorist organization Hamas, and failed to “make clear that those claims could not immediately […]