House Republicans tout Israel support in $1.1 trillion spending package

The Republican-led House Appropriations Committee is highlighting the Israel-focused provisions included in its spending package released early Thursday, which allocates almost $4 billion to Israel for defense and prohibits funding for UNRWA and some other UN functions.  “Over five months ago, we witnessed Hamas brutally attack the Israeli people. Unfortunately, the situation in the […]

White House hosts muted Ramadan event as Biden’s Israel policy draws anger

The White House held a scaled-down iftar dinner on Tuesday to celebrate Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, after some invitees turned the president down over frustrations in the Muslim community over his policy toward the Israel-Gaza war. President Joe Biden met with Muslim leaders before having a small dinner with senior Muslim officials in […]

‘It’s plain wrong’: House Republicans react to Schumer’s speech

House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA addressed Sen. Chuck Schumer’s call for elections in Israel on Thursday morning as he and other leaders were at the House Republican Issues Conference.  “We want to speak very clearly and concisely to say that this is not only highly inappropriate, it’s just plain wrong for an American […]

Nikki Haley ends White House bid, WSJ reports

Nikki Haley is dropping out of the US presidential race, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Wednesday. The decision will ensure that Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination and once again face Democratic President Joe Biden in November’s election. Haley, a former US Ambassador to the United Nations, is expected […]

Six House Dems accuse Netanyahu of ‘utter disregard for Palestinian lives’ after Israel visit

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Six US House of Representatives Democrats returned from an Israel trip accusing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “utter disregard for Palestinian lives” and fearing that he is moving toward Gaza’s “total destruction.” The Democrats — including the most senior Democrat on the House  appropriations committee, Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut — made […]

White House National Security Adviser pleads with House Republicans to move on aid bill

Republican US House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson indicated again on Wednesday he has no immediate plans to allow the chamber to vote on a $95 billion package of international security assistance for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. “We’re not going to be forced into action by the Senate,” Johnson said at House leaders’ weekly […]

White House keeps America safe from national security threats

All members of Congress were made aware of a “serious national security threat” on Wednesday, according to a statement from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH).  “I am requesting that President Biden declassify all information in relation to this threat so that Congress, the Administration, and our allies can openly discuss the […]

US House panel recommends $17.6 billion in military aid for Israel

Legislation providing $17.6 billion in new military assistance to Israel as it wages war against Hamas was unveiled in the US House of Representatives on Saturday. The funding bill, offered by a House Appropriations panel, could come to a vote in the full House sometime next week, Speaker Mike Johnson said in a letter […]

US House Foreign Affairs Committee divided over UNRWA funding

NEW YORK – Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee are at odds over handling the immediate future of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency as the threat of starvation increasingly looms over Gaza.  UNRWA is the main provider of basic humanitarian needs like food, medicine, and education in the Gaza Strip.  The […]