Ancient agricultural settlement unearthed in Israel sheds light on human evolution

Israeli archaeologists have uncovered evidence of one of the earliest known agricultural settlements, providing invaluable insight into the dawn of human agriculture. The findings, located in the Eshtaol settlement near Beit Shemesh, which is surrounded by contemporary agricultural fields, offer a glimpse into a transformative era when humans shifted from a nomadic lifestyle to […]

US Senate tables resolution to assess Israeli human rights violations

The US Senate voted Tuesday night to table Resolution 504, which requested information on Israel’s human rights practices and the US government’s actions in supporting the Israeli government.  Senators voted in favor of tabling the resolution 72 to 11.  Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, introduced the […]

Animal and human remains found in ancient Saudi Arabian stone structures

Archaeologists have unearthed thousands of animal bones as well as human remains while excavating an ancient stone monument in Saudi Arabia. The discoveries suggest that people gathered at stone structures to perform rituals, depositing animal horns and skulls, in Saudi Arabia about 7,000 years ago.  Thousands of prehistoric rectangular stone structures called mustatils have […]

Caves in Spain contain ancient human remains that were modified – study

Ancient human remains that were buried in caves in Spain have been shown to be modified prior to their burial, according to a recent study. The research, published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE on Wednesday last week, examines the Cueva de los Marmoles, one of the most important cave contexts from southern Spain. […]

Stone age artists carved detailed human and animal rock art in Namibia

The Stone Age inhabitants of Namibia were so skilled at carving human and animal footprints that modern-day Indigenous trackers can tell exactly which species they were depicting. Engravings of animal tracks and human footprints appear in numerous traditions of prehistoric rock art around the world and many of these engravings can be found in […]