Dining hall with Trojan War decorations uncovered in Pompeii

A black-walled dining hall with 2,000-year-old paintings inspired by the Trojan War has been discovered during excavations at the Roman city of Pompeii, authorities said on Thursday. The size of the room – about 15 meters long and 6 meters wide – the quality of the frescoes and mosaics from the time of Emperor […]

Researcher recovers face of 16th-century ‘vampire’ woman from Italy

Researchers have reconstructed the face of a 16th-century Italian woman, whose burial style indicated that she was believed to be a vampire, according to an upcoming academic article to be published on Monday.  The research, published in Cicero Moraes’s book The Facial Close-up of the “Vampira” from Venice, found that the woman was around 60 […]

Europe needs clear, united strategy against Russia, Italy minister says

Europe should avoid “grand statements” and contradictions but rather have a clear and unified strategy against Russia with regards to its war in Ukraine, Italy’s defense minister said, adding that Rome would never send troops to the conflict zone. “The West should avoid grand statements – such as sending NATO to Ukraine trying to […]

Construction worker stumbles upon 1800-year-old Roman statue in England

Construction worker Greg Crawley was carrying out renovations at a park near the historic Burghley House in England in April 2023 when he stumbled upon the head of an ancient 1800-year-old Roman statue, the historic site announced in a release earlier this month.  Crawley discovered the head first while moving earth. The sculpture’s bust […]

Italian police arrest three Palestinians on terrorism charges

 Italian police have arrested three Palestinians based in central Italy who they said were planning attacks in an unspecified country, a police statement said on Monday. The three men living in l’Aquila, about 120 km (75 miles)northeast of Rome, had set up a cell linked to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, it said. The Al-Aqsa […]

New study suggests 17th century Italians were cannabis users

A new peer-reviewed study entitled “Forensic toxicological analyses reveal the use of cannabis in Milano (Italy) in the 1600s,” published in the Journal of Archeological Science, established that 17th-century Italians used cannabis for recreational purposes or medical purposes.  Basing their study on the crypt of the once-renowned 17th century Milanese hospital Ospedale Maggiore, researchers […]

Dog DNA detectives trace owners not scooping the poop in Italy

An Italian province is turning to DNA tests to tackle the scourge of dog mess on the streets. Once a dog DNA registration database is up and running, street cleaners and health officials in Bolzano will be able to collect abandoned poop, have it genetically tested and then trace the owners who will face […]

Ancient accessorized skeletons discovered in building works in Rome

During extensive building works carried out to make a solar energy plant in Rome, 67 skeletons in 57 ornate tombs were unexpectedly discovered, CNN reported on January 2. The remains were thought to have been from between the second and fourth centuries. Adding to the astonishing discovery, the skeletons were found wearing golden jewlery […]

France, Germany, Italy back EU sanctions scheme to target Hamas

France, Germany, and Italy called for the European Union to set up a special sanctions scheme to target Hamas as EU foreign ministers met on Monday to consider possible next steps in response to the Middle East crisis. Among the possible measures up for discussion at the meeting are a crackdown on Hamas’s finances […]