Donald Trump: Jewish Americans who vote for Biden don’t love Israel

Former US President Donald Trump claimed on Monday that Jewish Americans who vote for President Joe Biden in the upcoming elections “do not love Israel [and] should be spoken to.” Trump claimed this in an interview that aired on Real America’s Voice, a right-wing television channel. He continued his rampage by saying that Jewish […]

5 Hard Ciders to Make You Love Hard Cider

Mustardy CiderBraised Pork Chops in a turquoise pot

When you buy a bottle of hard cider, you’re getting a two-for-one. It’s a drink even the snootiest of guests will love—dry, crisp, and complex—and it’s also a versatile ingredient to keep around. Use hard cider in your gravy, in your cold-weather punches, in stews, and even desserts. Like all ciders, hard cider starts with […]

If Pancakes Are Your Love Language, You Need This Cast Iron Griddle

Bon Appétit

When I separated from my husband a few months ago, I wanted to start a new weekend tradition with my two young sons. Because church isn’t really our thing, I decided it would be pancakes. More specifically, mochi pancakes—which are just like regular pancakes except I swap out half of the all-purpose flour for Mochiko […]

43 Valentine’s Dinners You’ll Love

43 Valentine's Dinners You'll Love

You’ve got the perfect gift. The most lush-looking chocolate dessert recipe has been bookmarked on your phone for weeks. But the main portion of your Valentine’s dinner? You haven’t found the one—meaning the right recipe—yet. We’re here to help. Is your ideal romantic meal something lavish or are you on more of the comfort food […]

Want To Drink More Water This Year? Get A Water Bottle You Love.

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Staying hydrated is one of those annoying things humans have to do in order to stay alive, and having the best water bottle for your lifestyle is a great way to make sure that you maintain the ideal 60% water-to-other-stuff ratio in your body. As someone who likes the idea of drinking water but can’t […]

Ohio church shows its love for the IDF, Cincinnati Bengals NFL team

Asking people if they have heard of the chant “Who Dey” will likely elicit a blank stare from most. However, if one were to pose the same question to fans of the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals football team, they would smile and knowingly nod their heads. “Who Dey,” to football cognoscenti, is the iconic cheer […]

If You Like a French 75, You’ll Love the Air Mail

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As a freshly minted bartender, still learning the ropes at PDT, the neo-speakeasy where I worked, I spent a lot of time studying a Rolodex of cocktail recipes. This was the late 2000s, a time when smartphones were only accessible to well-off early adopters, so I mean a literal Rolodex—an acrylic box that contained alphabetical-ordered, […]

Love letters to French navymen uncovered after 265 years

Wives and girlfriends haven’t sent love letters written on paper to their men at war for a long time. Instead, the feelings are usually expressed on WhatsApp and with emoji symbols.  All such messages – whether written in ink or digitally – are about universal human experiences. When we are separated from loved ones […]