Oldest bone gaming die unearthed in Jerusalem

Archaeologists working under the auspices of the Israel Antiquities Authority have made a remarkable discovery in the City of David National Park, uncovering a gaming die that dates back to the 13th century. The find was made during routine soil sifting at the Pool of Siloam, a site known for its rich archaeological significance. […]

Mystery solved: Oldest fossil reptile found in the Alps is historical forgery

Fakes in antique furniture, jewelry, and other objects are quite commonplace, but not so much in archaeological findings. For almost a century, a fossil from the Italian Alps believed to be 280 million years old that has baffled researchers for decades has turned out to be – in part – a forgery. After a […]

Oldest ceramic rooftiles ever found in the Land of Israel

In a discovery perfectly timed for Hanukkah, archaeologists and other scientists at the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) and Tel-Aviv University (TAU) have uncovered 16 of the oldest ceramic roofing tiles in the Land of Israel that provide a tangible connection with the story of the Festival of Lights. The findings were dated to the […]

Ancient sandals unearthed in Spain may be the oldest footwear ever found

Ancient sandals unearthed in Spain may be the oldest footwear ever found

Sandals discovered in a bat cave in southern Spain may be the oldest footwear ever discovered in Europe, scientists said this week, estimating that they could be up to 6,200 years old. Baskets, tools and the sandals found in the 19th century at a hunter-gatherer burial site in the Cueva de los Murciélagos, or […]