Why Senator Schumer has put Israel in danger – opinion

With his inappropriate call for Israelis to elect a new prime minister now, during a war, US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has put Israel in danger. For more stories from The Media Line go to themedialine.org That’s because it’s not all about Gaza. A horrible conflict with Lebanon is looming on the horizon, […]

When Schumer became his brothers’ reaper – opinion

In almost every address to Jewish audiences throughout his decades in politics, New York Senator Charles Schumer has made a point of saying that his name means “guardian” in Hebrew and that he saw it as his duty to safeguard the Jewish people and the Jewish state. The Democratic Party member Schumer’s Middle East […]

US justice has been hijacked by Middle East politics – opinion

The gates of justice are only as mighty as their gatekeepers, the judges. Last month, the American judiciary suffered a setback when Federal District Court Judge Jeffrey White released an order in Defense for Children Int’l Palestine v. Joseph R. Biden. Here, the plaintiffs sought to stop the Biden administration from providing further military […]

Republicans have failed to govern in the House – opinion

The House of Representatives returns this week from its latest “district work period.” That’s a euphemism for its frequent vacations that used to be called “recess,” but kindergarteners resented the comparison. District work period is also a misnomer since many don’t head home but instead go on foreign junkets at taxpayer expense. Given the […]

Academia in Italy is targeting Israel – opinion

A recent wave of controversy has swept across Italian academic circles following the emergence of a petition calling for a boycott of Israeli academic and research institutions.  The petition, triggered by the alleged crimes of the “illegal colonial occupation of Palestinian territories,” and a “Gaza siege,” has seen a huge increase in support since […]