UN sounds ‘Red Alert’ as world smashes heat records in 2023

Every major global climate record was broken last year and 2024 could be worse, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Tuesday, with its chief voicing particular concern about ocean heat and shrinking sea ice. The United Nations (UN) weather agency said in its annual State of the Global Climate report that average temperatures […]

Goodbye to Bob Moore, Whose Red Mill Changed the Way We Bake

Bon Appétit

You probably recognize Bob Moore’s face from the package of every Bob’s Red Mill product—he’s the guy with the white beard and friendly smile. After falling in love with stone-milling at their family farm, Moore founded the company with his wife in 1978 in Oregon City, Oregon. The brand, which is known for its wide […]

Ralph Reed’s red flag: Is Biden’s reelection driving US Mideast policy?

US President Joe Biden’s reelection worries are influencing his Middle East policies, potentially posing risks to Israel, according to American political consultant and lobbyist Ralph Reed. “There’s an appearance that US foreign policy, and US policy toward Israel and the Middle East, is being influenced by domestic political consideration,” Reed said this week during […]

Red Velvet Sheet Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

Red Velvet Sheet Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

By now many people know the purported origin story of red velvet cake—a nerdy tale involving a chemical reaction between natural cocoa powder and baking soda. While that may have been the case in ancient times, the red velvet of this century is defined by its startling color, a fire engine red so bright it […]

Replanting hope: Christians to plant 1,400 red tulips on Gaza border

Christians worldwide will come together during the winter season to plant 1,400 vibrant red tulips in remembrance of the 1,400 lives lost to Hamas terrorists on October 7, according to David Parsons, vice president and senior spokesman for the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. Just two days before the Hamas massacre, ICEJ led a […]

15,000-year-old red-shell beads earliest example of organic red pigment

15,000-year-old red-shell beads earliest example of organic red pigment

Decorating the living space, body, and clothes with color has been practiced for thousands of years. While the habitual use of red mineral pigments like iron-oxide (ochre) by anatomically modern humans is believed to have started in Africa about 140,000 years ago, the earliest documentation of the use of organic plant or animal-based red […]