Pompeii building site reveals ancient Roman construction methods

Archaeologists in Pompeii have unearthed an ancient building site that sheds light on construction techniques used by the Romans to make iconic structures such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon, Italy’s culture ministry said on Monday. The site was probably active until the volcanic Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, destroying Pompeii in southern […]

Israel aid debate reveals differences among Jewish groups on immigration

As Congress debates various bills that would send emergency military aid to Israel, Jewish groups across the political spectrum have advocated for their passage.  But the push for aid ended up dividing those groups on another issue that often animates Jewish activism: immigration reform. Legacy Jewish groups parted ways over whether a compromise bill […]

Paganism to Christianity: Roman temple reveals ancient cultural blending

Researchers uncovered an ancient Roman temple that deepens our understanding of the social change of paganism to Christianity in the Roman Empire, a Friday news release from Saint Louis University announced. “We found three walls of a monumental structure that evidence suggests belonged to a Roman temple that dates to Constantine’s period,” Saint Louis […]

Whistleblower reveals Israel hatred in Amazon communication channels

A whistleblower at Amazon has leaked internal communications channels from the e-commerce giant that contain pro-Hamas messages and defamatory statements toward hostages released from Hamas captivity.   The whistleblower’s revelations were documented in a report by Jewish Legal News on Wednesday. The whistleblower, who reportedly works for Amazon as a programmer, reported that Amazon […]

Ancient Roman mosaic reveals: Women wore bikinis thousands of years ago

Many believe that the bikini is a 20th-century invention. In 1946, it was independently conceived by two French designers. Jacques Heim, the proprietor of a clothing store in Cannes, pioneered this swimsuit, which he dubbed “sealed” to highlight its minuscule size, comparable to the dimensions of an atom, the tiniest unit of a chemical […]

Gantz’s speech reveals the most of Israel’s grand strategy for Gaza ever

Gantz’s speech reveals the most of Israel’s grand strategy for Gaza ever

National Unity Party leader and war minister Benny Gantz on Thursday gave the most detailed revelations on record from one of Israel’s decision-makers to date regarding the war in Gaza and its aftermath. Gantz made it clear that the government’s original solitary goal of destroying Hamas and remaking the reality in Gaza has been […]