SF’s Splashy New Food Hall Will Have a Bakery, Cooking School, and More

The second floor of Saluhall in San Francisco.

Few places in America attract more attention than downtown San Francisco. It was once a symbol of skyscraping tech wealth and has since come to represent some of this country’s most pressing societal problems. Since downtown offices emptied out in the wake of the pandemic, restaurants continue to close, alongside the retail exodus, including the […]

Israel-Hamas war: IDF finds elevator in Gaza tunnel, weapons in school

Israeli Air Force fighter jets attacked and subsequently destroyed overnight several terrorist targets in Gaza, neutralizing terrorists from both air and ground operations, the IDF said Saturday morning, Kfir Brigade fighters were confronted by a terrorist squad near a school in Shejaia, in Gaza City. Fighters engaged in a firefight and killed the terrorists, […]

US teacher threatens to behead middle school student in Israeli flag row

A middle school teacher has been arrested after threatening to behead a middle school student who told him that having the Israeli flag in his class was offensive, according to reports from Saturday. The 7th-grade teacher, 51-year-old Benjamin Reese, was arrested on December 8 on the charges of terrorist threats and cruelty to children […]

Israel-Hamas war: IDF uncovers Hamas terror tunnels under Gaza school

The IDF attacked some 200 Hamas targets overnight as they continued the ground operation deep inside Gaza, according to a statement by the IDF spokesperson. Extensive strikes were carried out by the Israeli Air Force, operating alongside soldiers on the ground. The Negev Brigade reportedly destroyed terrorist infrastructure set up within a Beit Hanun-based […]

UNRWA school celebrates Hamas’s ‘jihad warriors’ in Gaza – report

A school in Nablus run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) posted a video to its official Facebook page in which a young student called for the victory of Hamas’s “Jihad warriors” in Gaza and evoked Mohammad’s defeat of the Jews at Khaybar, per […]